Advanced Info Technology (AIT)

AIT at a Glance

    AIT is an independent class for dedicated students who are willing to devote extra time in order to get projects done. Students may be asked to come in early to school or stay after. AIT completes projects requested by various school departments, faculty, and community.
    AIT is responsible for the PHS web page and its content. This class has been responsible for various tasks such as the Principal's Newsletter, business cards for the Guidance Department, etc. Every project in AIT is different and important. Therefore, it is necessary to have a variety of skilled students.


What Do We Look For?

    AIT is a selective class, whose new members are chosen by current members and teacher out of a group of candidates. Members are selected based on a series of recommendations, the students' academic merit ("B" average in all previous classes) a brief essay, personal resume, and an interview with the current AIT members.
    Members must be able to adapt to and learn new software to be able to do their projects. Although prior computer and software knowledge is preferred, it is not a requirement.


What Do We Do?

    From designing websites to creating multimedia presentations, AIT has a wide variety of projects. There is no set curriculum for AIT. Instead, students are assigned to or volunteer for projects with varying deadlines, and progress reports are expected twice per quarter. Also, an electronic portfolio with various assignments and samples required, such as writing, math, and computer projects, is necessary at the end of each year. Juniors and Seniors have milestones each quarter to complete.
    AIT students have very unique experiences, which vary from student to student. Some may have website design and updates for the majority of projects, such as creating databases or fliers. However, students should be prepared for anything and keep AIT members informed of their projects.

AIT Picture of the Year