Katie Willard

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About Me

I am PHS Webmaster of Advanced Information Technology. I currently attend Plainville High School, and I intend (hopefully) to go to college. My interests include F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Big Bang Theory, and Super Mario. 

Next year, I will be attending George Washington University in Washington, D.C.


In AIT, I have worked with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Publisher. I have also worked with Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. 

In class, I have worked on extensive video projects.

Here are links of my work, as well as some Photoshopped pictures:

More on Interests

F. Scott Fitzgerald is my personal idol. I aspire to write novels like him. I own all of his books as well as a book of letters written by him. I have written several reports on him, the topics ranging from why he is my hero to how his personal life influenced The Great Gatsby. I admire him because I know he is not perfect; he has more flaws than the average person has. However, I see through his darkness, to the great talent that he ultimately should be known for. For more information on Fitzgerald, see this Wikipedia article.

The Big Bang T
heory is my favorite TV show. Ever. Though I risk embarrassing him through this honorable mention, Peter and I have a strange obses
sion with this show, and we watch it religiously (sometimes together, unfortunately). I love Big Bang because not only is it very funny, but I can (sometimes) 
the science/math jokes. My favorite character is Sheldon because he is so obnoxiously hilarious. I own all the seasons on DVD, and I leave most of the current episodes on my DVR so I can watch them about 20 times a week (sadly, that's only a slight exaggeration). To see the most recent episode of this wonderful show, click here.

Super Mario is my greatest weakness. I love playing any Mario game, including the most recent Super Mario Galaxy 2, good ole Mario Kart, and old-fashioned Supe
r Mario 
Bros 3 for NES. I admit, I spend much more time playing these games than people think I should (or would). However, they are my escape. I can save Princess Peach, beat Bowser, and restore peace to the little Toads everywhere. I feel a great deal of accomplishment when I beat a Mario game, incomparable to anything else. 

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