Friends Of Rachel
        This year at Plainville High School, we were told the tragic story of Rachel Scott. She was the first victim of the Columbine High School massacre, and even though she is no longer alive, her memory lives through millions of people worldwide. We were challenged  by Rachel's friends and family to come together and make a difference in our community. Since then, an amazing group of students, teachers, and community members have formed Friends Of Rachel, also known as FOR. We are constantly working to improve our school and community, and you can follow our progress right here. Every two weeks this page will be updated so you can see what we have acheived and the goals that we are working towards now!
Weekly Challenge &
Monthly Recognition
    This part of Rachels Challenge is in charge of Challengeing the student body every week to complete a challenge. A challenge can be anything from haveing to give someone a High-5 to having to thank a Janitor. This group is also in charge of recognizing a section of the school each month for there hard work. This past month they presented cookies to all of the Lunch Ladies.
New Student/Freshman
    This group is responsible for making everyones transition into PHS as easy as possible. Right now they are trying their hardest to make our new foriegn students get used to High School as easy as possible by helping them understand their schedule, walking them to their classes, and helping them make new friends.
Inspirational Artwork
    This group is in charge of inspiring students to go above and beyond to make a positive difference in someones day. So far they have hung multiple banners throughout the school, and plan to make a tree of kindness next.
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