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How to Access Student's Progress Report
  • Student Name/Parent Access
  • ID
  • Pin
  1. Click on schools.
  2. Click on Plainville High School
  3. Click on the left side on Grades/parent login
  4. Enter username and password
  5. Click on letter grade for a detailed report
  6. Click on back button to return to the main list.
You can repeat this for each subject.
Absences for each class are shown to the far right.

All teachers may be e-mailed by last name, first initial or call 860-793-3220 and enter teacher room number for voice mail.

How to Access Homework

  1. Click on schools
  2. Click on Plainville High School
  3. Refer to the left side for Teacher Directory
  4. Click on subject area
  5. Click on teacher name
  6. Click on homework and events on the left
  7. Click homework on the day you are checking
If there is nothing listed, you may e-mail the teacher and ask if this is accurate.

Plainville Youth Center
A resource center for parenting info and support services for you, your child, and your entire family.
    Call 860-793-0221.  Ask for Youth Services or Roberta Brown.

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