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Message from Principal Stephen LePage

posted Jul 23, 2010, 9:24 AM by   [ updated Feb 2, 2011, 8:15 AM ]

The end of the school year represents a time of excitement, reflection and change.  These changes come in the form of new beginnings, for students, teachers, staff members and administrators.  Eighth graders from the Middle School of Plainville will transition to Plainville High School as they begin a crucial four year journey.  Students completing grades nine through eleven will move one step closer to their graduation goals.  Seniors will close a door on one of the greatest periods of their lives, only to open the next door to the competitive and challenging world of college, work or the military. 

This year, as your newly appointed principal of Plainville High School, I too will transition into a new role.  Transition and change is bittersweet, given the many bonds and relationships that have been developed along the path to this opportunity.  However, I am very excited for the opportunities and challenges that await me as your new principal. I look forward to developing new friendships and relationships with the students, parents, faculty and citizens of the Plainville community.  Based upon my interactions thus far, I am certain that these relationships will be lasting and mutually rewarding.

The summer represents a time to recharge our batteries, to prepare for the coming school year and to plan for future challenges.  It provides us with an opportunity to reflect and evaluate our year, to continue what has worked well, and to improve upon that which has not.  My leadership style is to look, listen, and evaluate results of past and current practices.  If change is warranted, a plan will be developed by a committed team of stakeholders - those who will be affected by the change.  Plainville High School is an impressive learning community.  Through teamwork and open communication, I am confident that PHS will continue to meet the diverse and evolving needs of our students.  

As the principal of Plainville High School and the father of two young children, I have a vested interest in the direction of education in America.  These are times of change, times of increasing expectations and accountability for student success.  America’s high schools are at a crossroad and must be mindful of global development and international competition.  In order to compete, we must think and act with a global perspective.   With that being stated, I firmly believe that a committed and passionate group of educators are capable of surmounting any challenge.  I look forward to leading the Plainville High School learning community toward continued improvement and excellence.