Principal Jennifer DeLorenzo [email protected]
Assistant Principal Jonathan Coe [email protected]
Assistant Principal Kelly Hickey [email protected]
Athletic Director Mark Fritz [email protected]
Office Staff
Office Professional, Main Office and Attendance Elaine Cyr [email protected]
Office Professional to the Assistant Principals Lori Cianchetti

[email protected]

Office Professional to the Principal Jonie McMillan [email protected]
Office Professional, Athletics Laurice Doucette [email protected]
Office Professional, School Counseling Dana Ross [email protected]
Office Professional, School Counseling
Sara Wartonick
[email protected]
Career Center Coordinator Susan Bradley [email protected]
Data Integration Assistant Karel Zettergren [email protected]
School Security
 School Security  Tim Dalena  [email protected]
 School Resource Officer  Jessica Guerrette  [email protected]
 Residency Officer, School Security  Lowell Humphrey  [email protected]
 Director of Safety & Security  Richard Marques  [email protected] 
Support Staff
School Psychologist Holly Hannan [email protected]
Transition Coordinator Jeri Lynn Turkowitz [email protected]
School Social Worker Jenna Jorel [email protected]
School Nurse (860-793-3158) Tricia Rapacky [email protected]
Library Information Specialist Debra Pikiell (IL) [email protected]
Vocational Coordinator Kevin DiMinno [email protected]

Fine Arts 
Todd Helming (IL) [email protected]
Lena Pietri [email protected]
Mario Pires [email protected]
Dominic Talotta [email protected]
Kelly Brasile [email protected]
Sandi Dowsett (IL) [email protected]
Shaylene Krupinski [email protected]
Kevin Levesque [email protected]
Jenna Martin [email protected]
Gabriella Strain [email protected]
Jenessa Vick [email protected]
Emily Wasley [email protected]
April Carofano (IL) [email protected]
Eileen Hebert  [email protected]
Jennifer Jambard [email protected]
Allison Makucin [email protected]
Joseph Miceli [email protected]
Timothy Rankin [email protected]
Christina Roy [email protected]
Mikayla Wells [email protected]
Physical Education
Sarah Centore  [email protected]
Dale Nosel [email protected]
Brian Verrastro [email protected]
Scott Wenzel [email protected]
Ken Chausse [email protected]
John Czerwinski [email protected]
Ken Fusco (IL) [email protected]
John Girard [email protected]
Cheryl Hathaway [email protected]
Jill Miller [email protected]
Melissa Moore [email protected]
Jeff Roberts [email protected]
Mary Tullo [email protected]
Social Studies
Stephanie Aresco [email protected]
Eric Bosley [email protected]
Kerry Patterson [email protected]
Ryan O'Connell [email protected]
Thomas Riccardo (IL) [email protected]
Jeff Smedick [email protected]
Kevin Szydlo [email protected]
Special Education
John Andros [email protected]
Jessica Brancifort [email protected]
Sheila DiMinno [email protected]
Tom Lindenmuth [email protected]
Amanda Marks [email protected]
Craig Mastrianni [email protected]
Melissa Mazurek [email protected]
Donna Schwartz [email protected]
Charissa Zbikowski (IL) [email protected]
Unified Arts
Mark Chase    [email protected]
Peter Chrzanowski [email protected]
Jonathan Dunlap [email protected]
Brian Edge [email protected]
David Gaignard [email protected]
Steve Michaud (IL) [email protected]
World Language
Sarah Colston [email protected]
Kaylyn Guardarrama (IL) [email protected]  
Judith Hahn [email protected]
Rosy Pitruzzello [email protected]
Rachel Posner (ASL) [email protected]
Sam Reigeluth [email protected]
Kristi Witkowski [email protected]
School Counseling
Stefany Barbagallo [email protected]
 Julie Ercolani [email protected]
Oneda Lamont (IL) [email protected]
Kacey Stewart [email protected] 


Aldo Vallera [email protected]