PHS Students Honored With "Students Rock Award"
Posted on 12/31/2018
Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Steven LePage, Zoe Leider, Ryan Espinoza-Ortiz, and Plainville High School faculty member, Maria Colangelo.Plainville High School students Zoe Leider and Ryan Espinoza-
Ortiz have been named recipients of the first semester “Students Rock Award”
recognizing their outstanding contributions to Plainville High School.

In seeking a way to honor students who “do the right thing every day,” the
Plainville High School Mentoring Committee, comprised of high school faculty members
and led by fellow faculty member Maria Colangelo, created the Students Rock Award
during the 2009-10 school year.  According to the nomination guidelines created by the
committee, students to be considered for the award must assume responsibility for their
behavior, contribute to the school and community, and appreciate the benefits of a
physically, emotionally and socially healthy lifestyle. “Zoe and Ryan are exceptional
representatives of our student body. They are intelligent, inspirational and kind. It is a
sincere pleasure to honor them with this award,” said Colangelo.

Zoe Leider, a senior, was nominated by Plainville High School faculty member Jill
Miller. Ryan Espinoza-Ortiz, also a senior, was nominated by Mary Tullo. Leider,

Espinoza-Ortiz, and their families were honored on December 19th at a high school
faculty meeting.

“This award is one of the best parts of Plainville High School. The faculty could
not have picked two better students to receive this award as they are inspirations to all
of us here at PHS. They have made PHS a better place by being students here, that is
all we could ask of any of our students,” said Plainville High School Principal, Carl