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Plainville High School Vision

Prepare    Inspire    Engage

Mission Statement

The Plainville High School learning community inspires, prepares
and engages all students by cultivating their intellectual curiosity,
fostering a passion for lifelong learning while pursuing excellence
in their academic, social and emotional growth.

Academic Expectations

Upon graduation, all students will:

1. Read actively and critically.

2. Communicate effectively through writing and speaking.

3. Demonstrate proficiency in critical and creative thinking.

4. Access, evaluate, and apply information through the use of the technology.

5. Utilize problem-solving and reasoning strategies.

6. Demonstrate competence in and/or an understanding of artistic and creative expression.

Civic & Social Expectations

Upon graduation, all students will:

1. Demonstrate responsible behavior through Honesty, Effort, Achievement, and Teamwork.

2. Demonstrate respect for others and contribute to the school, community, and/or the global society.

3. Articulate the benefits of a physically, socially, and emotionally healthy lifestyle.